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What are "Wiggle Wagons”?  In the old days, it was a term used by truckers to describe a tractor pulling more than one trailer like a serpent down the highway.  Today, it's the name of one of the most innovative bands in music!  Just like the tractor pulling the opposing forces of multiple trailers into one forward moving behemoth, the band pulls influences from across the spectrum into one cohesive sound that has been dubbed "Country Shred"! It's Buck Owens meets Guns n Roses with pop melodies...  in the words of the immortal Jerry Reed, "Son!"

The band was co-founded by singer/songwriter Daniel Grigg and lead guitarist Bud Burke in San Jose, California.  Daniel, to deal with his new surroundings, had begun to turn his southern born and bred experiences into tales of hardship and loss.  Meanwhile, Bud was touring the world as a bass guitar player but, knew his real calling was to combine his lightning fast rock guitar chops with his new love of country twang. Seeing a common vision and musical direction, Daniel and Bud began filling out Daniel’s rough and rowdy tales, turning them into radio ready sing a-longs. The two quickly added bass player Kevin Taylor and drummer Chris Slezak to solidify the lineup.  Now calling themselves "The Wiggle Wagons", the band began playing venues, big and small, throughout California and Nevada, sharing the stage with the likes of David Allen Coe, The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Dick Dale, Deke Dickerson, Lit and many more.

In spring 2009 The Wiggle Wagons decided to head south and relocated to Daniel and Kevin’s home state of North Carolina, settling in Charlotte.  To introduce their unique sound to the Carolinas, the Wagons began playing local stomps like The Double Door, Snug Harbor, The Visulite, just to name a few.  They also recently captured their unique sound on the band’s first full-length CD “Loaded up and Truckin’” available online through CD Baby, I-Tunes, or anywhere great music can be purchased.

FOR BOOKING OR CD’S CONTACT: booking@wigglewagons.com or call Daniel (408) 600-8022 or Bud (408) 813-2084.

Check us out on My Space:  www.myspace.com/wigglewagons



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